The Four Easy Steps for Obtaining a UPC Barcode

As the US authority on barcode creation and UPC implementation, Bar Code Graphics receives hundreds of call and emails every day from companies confused on how to go about obtaining UPC barcodes. This website is the starting point to understand the importance of a brand licensed U.P.C. Company Prefix and how to buy GS1 UPC barcodes.

In today’s global marketplace retailers, wholesalers and online marketplaces (i.e. Amazon) require a unique identifier be assigned for every product. Unlike a supplier’s proprietary part number, the required identifier needs to be globally unique and adhere to a worldwide standard. For the United States , this product identifier is the UPC barcode (GTIN-12.) A UPC number consists of two primary components: a U.P.C. Company Prefix and a Product Number.

Obtaining a barcode for your product is an easy four-step process:

  • Step One: Apply for a U.P.C. Company Prefix.
  • Step Two: Assign a unique product number.
  • Step Three: Determine how your product will display barcode.
  • Step Four: Order your UPC barcodes.

At the end of this simple tutorial you will be provided information on service packages enabling you to obtain GS1 UPC barcodes with a unique UPC (GS1) Company Prefix assigned to your company. In addition to having unlimited access a assigned certified consultant, digital barcode files (.eps) or printed barcode labels are included.

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For immediate assistance, please call us at 800-662-0701 x250 or click on the chat button below.UPC barcode mistakes can be quite costly if not properly implemented. With your company’s success on the line, it is important to properly identify your products.