Amazon UPC Barcodes

Amazon has changed the face of commerce around the world and many manufacturers recognize that selling on Amazon, in some capacity, is required for their company’s long term success. Both existing and new Amazon sellers need to understand that UPC codes for Amazon MUST adhere to specific global identification requirements. During their early years, Amazon did not adequately convey unified UPC requirements and consequently had problems with trusting the UPCs being provided by suppliers.

UPC codes for Amazon

As the above policy illustrates, UPC codes for Amazon must have a UPC Company Prefix licensed to the each specific seller. Amazon is now comparing the UPCs on newly listed items with the GS1’s database to validate the GS1 Company Prefix is associated with the brand seller. By obtaining GS1 UPC barcodes Amazon sellers are correctly licensing a GS1 Company Prefix which uniquely identifies their company.

UPC Code

Is this requirement ONLY for new sellers?

NO! This UPC policy is for both new and existing sellers. Unfortunately, many companies (large and small) obtained their UPCs through 3rd parties called UPC resellers. UPCs provided by a reseller use common GS1 Company Prefixes and do not represent individual companies. When Amazon first launched over two decades ago, they simply required an ISBN or UPC to be listed on their online marketplace and eager sellers flocked to low price UPCs, unaware of the limitations.

Amazon is now comparing the UPCs on newly listed items with the GS1’s database to validate the UPC Company Prefix is associated with the brand seller.

Existing sellers face severe problems if Amazon identifies a conflict with their incorrectly licensed UPCs. The Amazon UPC barcode policy dictates their account will be suspended until correctly identified UPCs are obtained and entered. If that happens, the seller will forfeit their previous product reviews and their earned goodwill may be tarnished.

Where do companies go to purchase UPC Codes for Amazon?

Since Amazon now adheres to the global GS1 standards, the UPCs you obtain to sell on Amazon are the same barcodes used at retailers around the globe. The GS1 Prefix licenses provide denominations in;1-10, 1-100,1-1000,1-10000,1-100,000,  For exact pricing for US company, please click here.

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